Athletic Greens vs Huel

athletic greens vs huel

Recently, we have often been asked by readers what we find better. Athletic Greens or Huel. Again and again we should list the advantages and disadvantages. Athletic Greens vs Huel?

Caution spoiler: The result we came to at the end of this page finally surprised ourselves!athletic greens huel shake

At first, it seemed strange to compare the two supplements, because we actually compare apples with pears. The two powders not only have a different color, but also a (albeit minimal) different objective.

  • Athletic Greens is a strong supplement that provides you with over 75 valuable superfoods, vitamins and nutrients in a few seconds with a shake.
  • Huel is a meal replacement (just like soylent which is also a great meal replacement) and can be considered a complete food in powder form. By the way: The name Huel is composed of HUman fuEL.

Athletic Greens advantages

Athletic Greens provides you within seconds with vitamins and nutrients that you would otherwise have to eat several portions of fruit and vegetables. The positive effect is already noticeable after a few days. We have listed the benefits and health improvements on the page Athletic Greens experiences.

Athletic Greens contra/criticism

Athletic Greens contains 45 calories per shake. This is positive for people who want to get a healthy shake quickly in the morning without breaking their fasting phase or who want to drink the shake in addition to breakfast. You can even use Athletic in a ketogenic diet (keto diet). The shake does not significantly impact the calorie account.

  1. However, this also means that the Greens Shake does not saturate.
  2. Athletic Greens is therefore not a meal replacement.
  3. He lacks the corresponding Omega 3 fatty oils.
  4. It lacks the protein in the shake. This must be taken in addition with a diet with Athletic Greens in the form of a corresponding meal.

Some see this as a point of criticism, others see it as a positive effect, precisely because many people want to cover their daily vitamin and nutrient requirements with this shake. This is perfectly possible with Athletic Greens!

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Huel advantages

Huel is perfect for all those people who want to prepare a healthy and satisfying shake in a short time in the morning, which also contains all relevant vitamins, fiber, nutrients but also oils and protein. One shake has 400 calories and thus replaces a full meal. Look at

Huel contra

One might actually think that Huel makes a shake like Athletic Greens superfluous, as it contains 26 vitamins and minerals. At last it also satiates. Nevertheless, Huel contains only 26 vitamins in a lower dosage than Athletic Greens. In addition, people with food intolerances have to be more careful whether they get the contained foods like tapioca, rice, peas, flaxseed or coconut.

Huel vs. Athletic Greens Conclusion

As you can see, we tried to look at both shakes critically, which was not easy for us, because we love both. Accordingly, our conclusion is: For us, the optimal shake consists of a mixture of Huel and Athletic Greens.

conclusionThe perfect mixture and the costs are halved!

Correctly heard, we find that by mixing both powders we get an optimal result of both shakes. We get the 75 superfoods from Athletic Greens, but also the healthy oils, protein and satiating fiber from the Huel shake!

In addition, you only have to take half of both shake powders. So you can easily get by with one pack of Athletic Greens and one pack of Huel for 2 months and cut the costs per shake in half!

Athletic Greens + Huel meal replacement shake

huel and athletic greens


  • 1 Scoop Huel (normally you take 2 scoops per shake)
  • Half a Scoop Athletic Green (normally you use a whole scoop)
  • 250ml water
  • If necessary: an ice cube and a pinch of cinnamon


You can imagine it, but the preparation is very simple:

  1. Put the water in your shaker (until now we used the Huel shaker but this month Athletic Greens is giving away a really cool shaker with every order!
  2. Fill the Huel powder and Athletic Greens powder into the shaker. Always use the enclosed scoop, because the Athletic Greens scoop is slightly smaller. In addition, you should not mix the powders in the package to keep them fresh for as long as possible 🙂
  3. Add cinnamon and/or ice cubes if necessary.
  4. Close the shaker and shake for approx. 10 seconds.
  5. Enjoy!!
athletic greens huel meal replacement shake
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