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Biogena One review

Biogena One review
We have been testing the Biogena One greens powder for a month now. Additionally, we have been exploring alternative green supplements for over 10 years. Therefore, we would like to share our Biogena One experiences with you. In advance, we can say that we were quite impressed when we first read about Biogena-One! After over 10 years, we have finally tried a worthy AG1 alternative. In this report, we want to focus primarily on Biogena One because the 99 ingredients of Biogena-One are truly remarkable! Or maybe not?
Biogena one

What is Biogena One?

Biogena One is a new green supplement powder. It is a green dietary supplement in powder form containing 99 ingredients. The included ingredients are intended to help meet daily nutritional needs. Biogena 1 (at least, One stands for 1) is manufactured by a renowned company from Austria and has been officially on the market since 2023. The following video introduces Biogena One – unfortunately the video is currently only available in austrian language.

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Who is Biogena?

The company behind Biogena-One is named Biogena. The family-owned business from Austria has been in existence since 2006 and has been lovingly operated by its founder, Dr. Albert Schmidbauer. The company now has three branches in Salzburg, Vienna, and Freilassing.

Sorry, the video is currently only available in austrian language.

Biogena One Ingredients

Biogena one InhaltsstoffeBiogena One contains a total of 99 ingredients. The manufacturer itself refers to them as smart ingredients that have been scientifically combined. We are truly impressed by the variety and dosage of the individual ingredients. You can view some of the ingredients in detail here and get an overview. However, not all ingredients are listed there. Having 99 ingredients is intriguing. So far, only AG1 from Athletic Greens has integrated a similarly high quantity in its powder. Most alternative green powder supplements contain fewer than 30 ingredients. So, Biogena One is directly in the top league!

Compare here: Biogena One vs AG1

However, we had to search quite a bit until we found a list of the 99 ingredients of Biogena-One. We finally found it in the booklet that came with our order. We have taken a photo of this list so that everyone can get an overview:

biogena-one Inhaltsstoffe

We particularly appreciate the ingredients in Biogena One:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Wasabi (which, unfortunately, we couldn’t taste)
  • various ingredients with polyphenols
  • various amino acids
  • the algae Spirulina and Chlorella
  • the two medicinal mushrooms, Reishi and Cordyceps
  • 10 different strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium
Biogena One Zutaten

We have now conducted a more detailed analysis of the Biogena One ingredients, questioning whether there really are 99 ingredients.
Here is the current analysis of Biogena One ingredients

Biogena One Nutritional Information

We also had to search quite a bit for the nutritional information. Again, we found it in the Biogena One booklet that comes with every order. We have photographed this nutritional information:

biogena-one Nährwerte

Biogena One Taste review

Biogena-One describes its taste as a combination of apple and kiwi. We can all taste the fresh and green apple very well. Unfortunately, none of us in the editorial office could really taste the kiwi. However, this is probably simply because kiwi is eaten less frequently, and the taste is not easily recalled. Overall, the taste has sparked many discussions in our editorial office. In short: the taste of Biogena One is an acquired taste. Some love it, and others are not quite sure. Interestingly, the office still faintly smells of Biogena One two hours later. It is not obvious, but over the past month, external people who entered the office repeatedly asked what it smelled like and what I had just drunk. When I asked them to describe this smell more closely, the summarized feedback was always as follows:

Like a fruity apple juice

Like a sweet fizzy drink with lollipop flavour

Like sweet-sour apple

Indeed, these are also the taste impressions that most of us have in one form or another. It doesn’t taste unpleasant at all; you just can’t quite decide whether the taste is more sweet or more fruity-sour. Perhaps this is the kiwi component that we could not specify. Overall, though, it is a taste that we still enjoy drinking after a month.

Biogena One Benefits

Biogena One has only been on the competitive Green Supplements market since summer 2023. However, in this short time, they have already claimed many special USPs (unique selling points) for themselves. Certainly, it is an advantage here that Biogena was able to analyse the market precisely in recent years to combine the best features of individual powders in its product.
biogena-one Erfahrungen

Here is a list of things that stood out to us positively:

  1. With 99 ingredients, Biogena One has positioned itself at the top!
  2. The individual price is high, but with the subscription model, they are in a healthy mid-range!
  3. The 30 individual daily servings (One stick contains 10 grams of the green powder) make dosing easy and uncomplicated! Also suitable for on-the-go! While other manufacturers like AG1 also offer this service, it is usually more expensive. With Biogena-One, this is the only option available.
  4. Due to the individually packaged daily servings, there is no need for refrigeration, as the powder in the sachet is optimally stored and only opened when needed.
  5. Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 are already included. This needs to be added later by other manufacturers.
  6. Biogena One shaker with a convenient handle for on-the-go. The manufacturer refers to it as the Biogena One Signature Bottle.
  7. First-time Biogena-One subscription customers receive the Biogena One shaker for free, at least in June.
  8. Manufactured in Austria, making it significantly more regional than many other international manufacturers.
  9. Pleasant 30-day money-back guarantee

Biogena One Shipping Costs

We have searched critically, but even with shipping costs, Biogena ONE deserves full marks. At least for United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Nederlands, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland, there are no shipping costs!

Biogena One enables free shipping to almost all of Europe! With other greens-supplements, there are usually shipping costs of up to 14.95 euros for deliveries to Switzerland or somewhere else in Europe. Here, Biogena can position itself well with free shipping, which will certainly please many customers in Europe!

Biogena One Pulver

Biogena One Cons

Despite all the positive points, we have noticed a few negative points, which are mostly subjective:

biogena-one sticks
  1. The individual packaging (The manufacturer refers to the 30 individual packets as Biogena One Sticks) is practical but results in significantly more packaging waste and is ecologically certainly not entirely unobjectionable.
  2. Not everyone likes the taste. Some find the fruity apple too artificial, and the intended kiwi taste doesn’t come through for us.
  3. Some details are not immediately apparent at first glance, such as the quantity per daily portion (it is 10 grams per daily ration) or the individual dosage of the ingredients. We could only work out this information in advance through a small booklet. It would have been nicer to see the information directly on the packaging. But we have now prepared the information for everyone here 🙂
  4. Apple fruit powder is unfortunately the first ingredient in this powder, explaining the strong apple flavour.
  5. We also do not favour the second ingredient “natural flavours” because they lack any health benefits and only serve the taste.
  6. The fourth ingredient listed is cucumber fruit powder, which will also mainly contribute to the taste. However, a percentage of 7.6% is mentioned for this ingredient for the first time. The three preceding ingredients must, therefore, be present in a higher or equal ratio. This implies that the first 4 ingredients in Biogena-One already make up at least 30.4% (probably more) of the total formula. We would prefer the ingredients with corresponding health benefits to be higher up in the list of ingredients.
  7. Especially with minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, only 15% of the recommended daily dose is achieved. Less apple fruit powder and more minerals would be desirable in the formula.
  8. Unfortunately, there is no Omega-3 in the powder, so this needs to be supplemented separately. (current AG1 Free Omega3 promotion for June 2024)
    Current June Promotion:
    ag1 omega 3

Biogena-One Discount Code

Biogena One is still quite new to the market and is offering our readers a 5% discount for June 2024. What’s special about it: If you apply this discount to the subscription product, you save these 5% in all future orders as well! You can unlock the discount code and redeem it at the checkout: SuperfoodGreens5

Questions? For more details on the Biogena discount code, check out the Biogena One Discount Code

Biogena-One One-Time Payment or Subscription?

But there’s more this month! With the Biogena subscription, you save a whopping €33.90 compared to the one-time starter bundle in June 2024! That’s again 20 percent. Combined with our discount code SuperfoodGreens5, you get Biogena-One 39% cheaper, which corresponds to a saving of €38.20.

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