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Biogena One discount-code

Biogena One, the new green supplement from Austria, is excellent and contains 99 high-quality ingredients. However, let’s not kid ourselves; unfortunately, it’s also quite expensive. We’ve explored various ways to obtain the green powder at a lower cost. By combining our tips with our Biogena One discount code, you can almost cut the cost of a shake in half.

Biogena one discount code

Save 31,84 %

Without the Biogena discount code, a Biogena ONE shake costs 4 euros per day.

With the following Biogena discount code and tips on this page, a Biogena One shake costs 2.72 euros.

Unlock Biogena-One discount code: SuperfoodGreens5

Biogena One Starter Bundle

The Biogena One Starter Bundle includes 30 servings, each individually packed in sticks. These are small sachets, each containing 10 grams of the green powder.
biogena-one sticks

Are the costs worth the one-time Starter Bundle?

€119.90 is quite steep, even for 99 ingredients! However, the Biogena One Starter Bundle also includes a Biogena One Signature Bottle, a pretty cool shaker we haven’t seen with any other green shake provider.

But are the costs of €119.90 worth it? NO! Especially since there’s a much better solution that saves you €33.90 with just one click!

Biogena One Subscription

What many don’t know: When you order Biogena One on a subscription, you automatically get the bottle with the first delivery! Still, you save €33.90 compared to the one-time Biogena One Starter Bundle.

Biogena One Subscription cancelling

Sure, most users fear a subscription and the associated trap or the usually complicated cancellation process. However, we can give reassurance here. With the subscription, you get access to manage your subscription comfortably. You can easily pause or postpone the next order due to holiday, or simply cancel the subscription. For those who want to play it safe, you can perform this cancellation immediately after ordering. This way, you get the Starter Bundle at a discounted price, but no further shipments are sent. We don’t want to encourage anyone to cancel, as the subscription has a practical benefit and eliminates unnecessary ordering effort. It ensures timely replenishment.

Biogena Discount Code

Let’s further reduce the already achieved savings of €33.90. With our exclusive discount code, you save an additional €4.30 on the already discounted price:

Unlock Biogena-One Discount Code: SuperfoodGreens5
This way, you save nearly 32%

With the Biogena subscription, you save a whopping €33.90 compared to the one-time starter bundle in June 2024! That’s again 20 percent. Combined with our following Biogena one discount code SuperfoodGreens5, you get Biogena-One 32% cheaper, which corresponds to a saving of €38.20.

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