Athletic Greens Welcome Kit: Ceramic Jar, Spoon & Shaker PLUS: Travelpacks & Vitamin D3 K2

Important: The following Athletic Greens welcome kit is only available for citizens in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and the UK!
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For readers from the United States only, we have a very special offer today, which Athletic Greens is offering this month only in the USA. The Athletic Greens Welcome Kit! On this page we show you what this gift contains and how you can get one of the few packages.

Athletic Greens offer January 2021 (While stocks last)

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Athletic Greens Welcome Kit Contents

The Welcome Kit of Athletic Greens currently contains several products. We received the kit this year as a test order and are thrilled. You get it in a huge box, which even comes with a magnetic closure.
welcome kit

athletic greens welcome kit

Athletic Greens Welcome kit with Ceramic Jar

With every Athletic Greens order you get (while stocks last) one Athletic Greens Ceramic Jar in addition.
athletic greens ceramic jar
We hold this already in our hands and are absolutely thrilled, because this Jar is extremely high-quality processed. The lid of the jar is made of bamboo wood and contains a rubber lip. This is extremely practical because you can pack your Athletic Greens airtight very quickly and easily.
athletic greens jar rubber lid

Athletic Greens Welcome kit: blue ceramic spoon

The welcome kit even comes with a blue dosage spoon also made of ceramic! Extremely high quality. The dosage spoon lies very well in the hand. This makes dosing your daily greens even more fun and is a great start to the day.
athletic greens spoon-welcome-kit

Athletic Greens welcome kit with bottle

We just wrote an extra Page for the Athletic Greens bottle. And yes: In this welcome kit you will also get the bottle with the blue cap. The bamboo-cap is no longer available. But we also love the Shaker with the blue cap. Especially when we get it for free this month, right? 🙂

athletic greens new shaker bottle for free

Welcome kit with liquid Vitamin D3 K2 for free

Athletic Greens Vitamin D3 K2 has a value of $20. Here is the way to redeem this offer including an Athletic Greens Welcome Kit:

Welcome kit with 5 Travelpacks for free

5 Free Athletic Greens Travel Packs has a value of $17. Here is the way to redeem this offer including an Athletic Greens Welcome Kit:
athletic greens offer welcome kit shaker bottle travel packs

Athletic Greens offer January 2021 (While stocks last)

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Today, events are coming thick and fast!!! Athletic Greens gives our readers via the following page*advertising for free with any order:
  • one shaker
  • one ceramic jar & a ceramic Spoon
  • one bottle of vitamin D3 K2 (value approx $ 25)
  • 5 travel packs (value approx $ 25)
The Vitamin D3-K2 oil is currently not available for purchase separately, but will probably cost over 20 Dollar in the future. According to Athletic Greens, one bottle is enough for a whole year and optimizes the effect of Athletic Greens Shake again enormously, because many active ingredients can be absorbed especially in combination with an oil. And we don't need to talk about the general benefits of vitamin D2 and K2 here! Athletic Greens has dosed these active ingredients so that they fit optimally to the daily Greens Shake. Here's how to get to the short-term free promotion page: athletic greens offer*advertising Quickly strike, because the action as I said was very limited in time. Unfortunately, I do not know exactly until how much clock the action still goes and can here also no countdown or so. So if you still see the action, better use directly. We have just ordered for us already 🙂

Some of the tips presented here are unfortunately no longer valid worldwide, so that the prices shown are maybe not correct anymore. But the links go to alternative Athletic Greens landing pages with actual hidden promos. Always guaranteed with the best price-performance ratio!