Athletic Greens Vitamin D3 + K2 [review and bottle for free]

Athletic greens vitamin d3 k2Athletic Greens is known for its extremely effective greens powder, which supplies the body with the most important nutrients in under 30 seconds. However, enviers and competitors have repeatedly criticized that the green powder does not cover all vitamins and nutrients after all. Therefore Athletic Greens has now added a liquid vitamin D3+K2 preparation to its well-known green powder, which has repeatedly scored extremely well in tests. Correctly read, the product is not offered as powder, not as capsules, but as drops. Only 2 drops per day think the entire daily requirement…whereby, actually even clearly more! With only two drops you have 1.000 IU (International Units). The recommended daily value is 250-500 IU. An overdose at 1,000 IU is not to be feared in our latitudes. On the contrary, our body seems to greedily absorb vitamin D3+K2, a liquid vitamin D3 supplement to ensure your vitamin D3 K2 supply.

What is vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is a vital vitamin that is involved in an astonishingly large number of processes in the organism. Vitamin D3 can be formed in the body under the influence of light. However, it is not enough to sunbathe in summer and consume it in winter. During the cold months, usually only the face and hands are uncovered. In our latitudes, the number of winter hours of sunshine is not sufficient to cover the need for vitamin D3. This is one reason why waves of flu usually break out in February. Then the level of vitamin D3 is particularly low due to a persistent lack of light. Besides humans live today a life, which they spend rather before the PC than in nature. Thus ever fewer UV jets arrive on our skin.

Vitamin D3 is actually a prohormone that scientists refer to as cholecalciferol or calciferol. When researchers realized that vitamin D3 could prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures by improving calcium retention, it was used in the prevention of fractures and falls in the elderly. There is scientific evidence that calciferol also affects age-related cardiovascular disease. The recommended dosage for elderly people is to take between 700 and 1000 IU of vitamin D3 daily.

Why is vitamin D3 important?

Latent to serious vitamin D3 deficiency is now found in the majority of Europeans and Americans. This is all the more astonishing as the organism can produce the “vitamin” itself after sufficient sunlight.

Vitamin D3 is also contained in some foods. The problem is that we are increasingly wearing functional clothing. This keeps sunlight away from the body. Climate change and ozone hole also have consequences. Nobody can sunbathe safely without sunscreen. Sun creams with a high UV filter can no longer produce sufficient amounts of vitamin D3. Food, in which Vitamin D3 is contained, stands ever more rarely on the menu. The intake of vitamin D3 decreases with age.

Without vitamin D3 the regulation of calcium and phosphate levels is disturbed. Not enough calcium can be built into bones and teeth. This can lead to osteoporosis, bone fractures and caries-prone tooth substance. Since magnesium and calcium also act in the muscles, a vitamin D3 deficiency can lead to reduced muscle performance. The muscular coordination ability and reaction speed are also affected.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms?

vitamin-d3-symptomsIn former times one assumed that a Vitamin D3 deficiency was exclusively responsible for the development of Rachitis. One paid attention to an improved Vitamin D3 dosage, for example with Cod Liver Oil and an ambulatory UV light therapy. Today one knows that this Vitamin carries much more out for us. Vitamin D3 deficiency symptoms affect many body systems. They are therefore difficult to assign and rather unspecific. Vitamin D3 deficiency is now also associated with the development of depression, cognitive impairment, arteriosclerosis, obesity, various types of cancer, arthritis and high cortisol/stress levels.
Vitamin D3 is involved in the prevention of osteoporosis as well as in the prevention of flu-like infections, influenza diseases or various cancers. Epidemiologists like Cedric Garland, professor at the “University of California” in San Diego, believe that a vitamin D3 deficiency promotes the development of tumor diseases. A low vitamin D3 level is easily prevented. The fact that this could also influence the rising rates of cancer became clear in the summer of 2014 by an article in the “British Journal of Cancer”. This article evaluated seven randomized long-term studies on the topic. Researchers have come up with similarly convincing results for the prognosis of heart attacks.
A substitution with vitamin D3 via vitamin D3 preparations is therefore recommended. It was proven that nowadays many people – depending upon work and life situation – show a lack of Vitamin D3. That entails on a long-term basis health problems, which would be avoidable by the Vitamin D3 effect.

Vitamin D3: positive effect

The enormously broad spectrum of activity of this vitamin has to do with its hormone-like effect. This has an influence on numerous internal body processes. The most important are

  • the effects on the genetic material
  • the effects on the mineral balance
  • the effects on the immune system
  • the effects within the cell level
  • the work in the cardiovascular system
  • and the effects on nerve tracts and brain.

An important finding is that vitamin D3 can only develop its optimal effect if the cofactors are also right. This means that the skin should be able to get sun as often as possible. The cofactors such as a sufficient magnesium supply and an accompanying supply of vitamin K2 must be provided.

Vitamin D3 Food: Which foods contain vitamin D3?

Unfortunately, vitamin D is contained in only a few foods in significant quantities. One finds the vitamin mainly in herrings, chicken eggs, offal or cheese.
vitamin d3 k2 foodVegetarians and Veganer are thereby from the outset in the disadvantage. All other humans would have to take daily four hen eggs, at least 20 gram herring, a pound cheese or 250 gram beef liver as Vitamin D3 food to itself. It is also unlikely that you would cover the required daily dose by eating a few kilograms of pork, 20 liters of whole milk or a maximum of 20 eggs or tons of beef liver!
From this it results that it is easier and healthier to make a substitution over food addition.

Vitamin D3: Dosage

vitamin d fish oil pillSupplementation with vitamin D3 via vitamin D3 preparations should be 400-1000 IU in summer and 3000-4000 IU in winter. The vitamin D3 level must always be high enough, for example at 35 and 60 ng/ml.

Vitamin D3 Overdose?

An overdose of vitamin D3 is practically impossible given the dose required. Much more important is the realization that a long-term vitamin D3 overdose with high-dose vitamin D preparations could lead to mineral deficiency and arteriosclerosis. Hypercalcemia could result. In addition it would come however only with a giant dose of 40.000 IE per day. It is not to be expected that someone would take such overdoses.

Vitamin D3 in high doses

Whether or not vitamin D3 is taken in high doses is irrelevant, as long as the consumption recommendations of a preparation are followed. If necessary, you should seek medical advice and have the vitamin D3 level determined. It is important to combine it with sufficient amounts of magnesium and vitamin K2. If a preparation contains high doses of vitamin D3, it is only useful if the ratio between vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 is balanced.

Vitamin D3 K2 dosage with pipette?

Athletic Greens offers its liquid vitamin D3 K2 Supplement with a pipette. This means that it can be dosed drop by drop to the respective daily requirement.

athletic greens vitamin d3 pipette

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 can be produced in small amounts in the intestine. Vitamin K2 is mainly contained in the same animal food sources as vitamin D. Therefore the interaction of both is also logical and provided by nature. Only a Japanese dish called Natto made from soybeans contains significant amounts of this vitamin. However, this meal does not usually meet our taste preferences.

This vitamin is responsible for the optimal distribution of calcium in the organism. It also supports the vitamin D3 dosage. The fact is: As soon as you take vitamin D3 as a dietary supplement, the need for vitamin K2 automatically increases. The regular supply of vitamin D3 releases proteins. These cannot be utilized without sufficient vitamin K2. The density of your bones and the health of arteries and heart muscle depend on the combination of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Only then can the optimal vitamin D3 effect occur.

Why the combination of D3 and K2?

Vitamin D3 has an important helper in vitamin K2. It should always be administered together with it. Studies suggest that vitamin D3 preparations work better if they also contain vitamin K2. In particular, if you want to protect yourself against a vitamin D3 deficiency with food supplements, the addition of vitamin K2 is necessary. Vitamin K2 directs the calcium to the places where it should be incorporated. The combination of both vitamins in Athletic Greens D3 K2 makes sense. The two vitamins form a synergistically working team. Combined in the correct ratio of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, Athletic Greens D3 K2 offers an optimal supply. The daily dosage should not exceed 10 drops of Athletic Greens D3 K2. With this daily dose, the dropper bottle contains a two-month supply.

What does Athletic Greens Vitamin D3+K2 offer?

Athletic Greens D3 K2 can supply your body with the necessary vitamins and hormones. The recommended daily dose of Athletic Greens D3 K2 replaces half an hour of intense sunlight. It eliminates the need for a sufficiently large consumption of egg yolk, fatty fish or offal. The scientifically tested formula of Athletic Greens D3 K2 ensures that vitamin D3 and K2 are available in optimal doses and in an easily absorbable form.

Athletic Greens Vitamin D3: Conclusion

Unfortunately, very few people know that you have a vitamin D deficiency. Lousy mood, lack of sleep, depression and illness creep into your life without you knowing why. Very often it is just a vitamin D deficiency! With only 2 drops of Athletic Greens Vitamin D3 you can correct the deficiency in a short time!
The liquid vitamin D3 drops from Athletic Greens opened our editorial staff's eyes within 2 weeks. Depending on how severe the vitamin D deficiency is, the more extreme the effect of the drops is and the more it feels like lifting a dark curtain. There are also other vitamin D3 K2 preparations, but we were really enthusiastic about the result in our test, so we will not switch to any other preparation!

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