Athletic Greens side effects

The Athletic Greens supplement advertises that the powder allows you to absorb the most important nutrients in just 27 seconds. But does that really work? And what are the side effects that occur when taking Athletic Greens regularly? We took a critical look at the powder and also analyzed competing products.

Athletic Greens harmful side effects?

At the end of this article you will know how healthy Athletic Greens really is, whether taking it regularly can have harmful side effects for you, or how you can prevent these side effects. Additionally, we will tell you if there are alternative products that are cheaper or even healthier than Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens side effects

In this video the possible side effects of Athletic Greens are wonderfully summarized!

Athletic Greens ingredients

Can something that consists exclusively of healthy ingredients cause harmful side effects at all? Hard to believe, but yes, unfortunately this is quite possible! Why and how we reveal further down.
In another article we had already examined the Athletic Greens ingredients in detail. The result had surprised even ourselves! The powder is really full of positive ingredients. The composition is also super. Here is a list of all ingredients:
But how can this powder actually be absorbed by the human body and what long-term effects can occur when taking Athletic Greens? Unfortunately, we were surprised here as well, because there are actually a few things you should consider if you don’t want to suffer an overdose.

Athletic Greens overdose ?

The art in life is to find a healthy measure. You should never overdo it, otherwise even the healthiest foods can cause side effects that are harmful to the body. For example, a overdose of vitamins can be reached relatively quickly and can cause acute side effects if taken over a long period of time. One speaks then of a so-called hypervitaminosis. The most widespread is a vitamin A overdose, which can occur at a 5-fold daily dose.

Symptoms of a hypervitaminosis

There are various professional articles and medical studies about vitamin overdose and its side effects. In summary, one should pay attention to the following symptoms, especially if they occur in combination:

  • fatigue
  • Weakness
  • vomit
  • nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headaches
  • Hair loss
  • gastrointestinal complaints
  • Muscle weakness

Important: These side effects occur naturally only in case of extreme overdose! Due to the recommended daily intake of 12g Athletic Greens these side effects can of course not occur. On the contrary, Athletic Greens is known to combat the symptoms described above. Nevertheless, when taking Athletic Greens, one should remember that the additional food intake should be adjusted accordingly. An overdose can of course occur faster after taking Athletic Greens or another high-dose greens powder such as “Green Mother” than if you have not charged your body with the full vitamin power.

Hypervitaminosis through Athletic Greens?

Hypavitaminosis is prevented by the well balanced composition of Athletic Greens (or other greens powders other greens powders), so it is not induced! However, one must pay attention to the further vitamin intake during the course of the day and should not overdo it. Otherwise you should reduce the daily amount of Athletic Greens accordingly. The Athletic Greens manufacturers recommend a daily dose of 12 grams.

For a pure office worker who eats a very healthy diet throughout the day, 8 grams are sufficient. An athlete who takes many vitamins in combination with carbohydrates throughout the day can tolerate a higher dose of Athletic Greens without fear of overdosing.

Drink enough!!!!!

Athletic Greens and other greens powders should be dissolved in 250ml water and drunk. This is a good amount to start the day. However, it is important to maintain the water balance throughout the day! Especially when taking up Greens powders, the body should be supplied with sufficient liquid so that it can process the nutrients provided.

Athletic Greens and oxalic acid ?

Greens Smoothies are becoming more and more popular because, just like Athletic Greens, they provide many healthy nutrients in a shake. The advantage of Athletic Greens is that the shake is prepared in less than 30 seconds and you don’t have to clean the kitchen afterwards 😉 The taste of Athletic Greens is also uniquely delicious, so that we can only recommend everyone to test this powder once.
In connection with Green Smoothies one hears again and again of a “danger by oxalic acid”. That these are all just rumors that can easily be disproved, can be read for example here. The same applies of course to green powders such as Athletic Greens, so that no kidney stones or the like can be caused there by ingestion.

Athletic Greens Critique

There are, however, several English language sites that nevertheless express criticism of athletic greens. Most of the criticism looks like the following:

  • Too expensive
  • concentration of the individual ingredients is too low (however, this overlooks the fact that the perfect interaction of the individual ingredients is essential for the perfect effect to be achieved without overdosing)
  • Too little information about the company behind the product
  • No protein contained, so that it cannot replace a meal (we completely agree with this!)

Here are the different sites that criticize athletic greens:


Athletic Greens Conclusion

Yes, athletic greens is expensive. But measured by the positive effects that athletic greens have on the body, it is definitely worth the money. Especially if you think about what you spend your money on every month (just add up the coffee or pizza orders per month).

Yes, you can overdose Athletic Greens, just like you can spoil your stomach by eating too much fruit and vegetables. You should also not overdose on other vitamin tablets. So this is not surprising! You should adjust Athletic Greens to your actual daily requirements. If in doubt, it is sufficient to take Athletic Greens only every other day to see how the body reacts to the additional vitamins.

It is generally important to drink enough throughout the day. But this applies all the more with the combination of Athletic Greens, so that the ingredients can be optimally used by the body.

Correctly used is Athletic Greens a real enrichment for the body, so we can only recommend it!

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