Athletic Greens discount code

In advance: Athletic Greens has stopped a worldwide new customer campaign in summer 2020, in which 20 travel packs were given away via hidden landing pages (this corresponds to 20 additional shakes).

Of course, we have included this action on this page in order to make our readers the best possible offer. However, Athletic Greens still offers the possibility to give our readers 5 Travel-Packs, a bottle of liquid vitamin d3 and a welcomekit including shaker and ceramic jar for free with their order. Unfortunately, the calculation below is not quite correct anymore, but you can still get Athletic Greens at the best possible price.

It is true that Athletic Greens in January 2021 gives a free shaker to all first-time buyers. These and more Athletic Greens tips below:

Athletic Greens has a discount code this month, with which you can save a lot of money on your order – and get a bamboo shaker for free. But we go one step further and combine two hidden Athletic Greens Promo Codes with each other, so that you can save between $ 99-126 on your order! With a third discount trick you can reduce the cost per Athletic Greens Shake even further to $0.77 per shake!

Without Athletic Greens discount a Greens Shake costs $3.23.
With Athletic Greens discount code, promo code & Tricks costs one Athletic Greens shake only $0.77.

This corresponds to a Athletic Greens discount of 76.16 %

Athletic Greens discount code Ready for the guide to the ingenious Athletic Greens discount code? Let's get started!

Athletic Greens offer

Let's start with the current offer, which Athletic Greens is offering this month (January 2021) on a secret page and with which you can save $17.

Current January-Athletic Greens offer in the summary:

  1. 5 Travel Packs worth $17 free of charge to order. Depending on the dosage, these are 20-40 additional Athletic Greens Shakes, which you will get for free in this offer.
  2. Athletic Greens is also giving you the Athletic Greens Shaker with original bamboo lid with every order this month.

Here you get to the hidden Athletic Greens offer >>

Athletic Greens discount code

In combination with the Athletic Greens double pack subscription you can save $126 in addition to the above mentioned January-Athletic Greens offer this month!
But if you don't want to order a double pack, you should definitely take advantage of the Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily offer, with which you can save a total of $99!

Athletic Greens subscription discount

Don't worry about the Athletic Greens subscription. You can easily deactivate the subscription with a click directly after the order. You can find more details on our website at cancel your Athletic Greens subscription. You see, with only two clicks you can save so much money on your Athletic Greens order. But there is more to it than that, as you can see in the following tip.

Athletic Greens dosage

The final Athletic Greens trick is to dose to optimize the price per greens shake. We are guided by the 80/20 Pareto principle.

Without the Athletic Greens discount code, a Green Shake costs you at least $3.23.
With the above mentioned Athletic Greens voucher the Greens Supplement is sufficient:

  • for the Ultimate Daily version for 50 days = $1.54 per Athletic Greens Shake
  • for the double pack version for 80 days = $1.84 per Athletic Greens serving

The trick is to cut the daily dose in half. The daily dose recommended by Athletic Greens corresponds to a shake with 12 servings of fruit and vegetables.

However, you will agree with us that instead of the recommended 12 grams, 6 grams of Athletic Greens per day is absolutely sufficient for a healthy diet. Because that is still 6 portions of fruit and vegetables that you take in with one shake! And the rest of the nutritional requirements can be taken in through your daily diet.

As soon as you have done this little trick, you will get twice as far with your Athletic Greens powder and save a lot of money as you can see here:

 12 g servings per shake6 g servings per shake
Without Athletic Greens discount$3,54$ 1,77
Athletic Greens single order with discount$1,94$0,97
Athletic Greens ultimate daily with discount$ 1,54$0,77
Athletic Greens Double pack with discount$1,84$ 0,92

Athletic Greens Optimum

It is noticeable that you have the optimal result per shake with the Ultimate Daily offer from Athletic Greens. The double pack is a bit cheaper, but you only get 20 travel packs for free, so the costs per shake are more expensive than with the Ultimate daily offer 😉

Athletic Greens discount bottom line

To sum up what needs to be done here:

  1. In this January you can still use the current $17 discount, in which a free shaker will be enclosed (only while stocks last)
  2. Use in the shopping cart at least the ultimate daily offer by Athletic Greens
  3. Use only 6 instead of 12 grams per shake for the dosage.
  4. With only $0.77 per shake you have here the best Athletic Greens price ratio!

Here you get to the hidden Athletic Greens offer >>

Today, events are coming thick and fast!!! Athletic Greens gives our readers via the following page*advertising for free with any order:
  • one shaker
  • one ceramic jar & a ceramic Spoon
  • one bottle of vitamin D3 K2 (value approx $ 25)
  • 5 travel packs (value approx $ 25)
The Vitamin D3-K2 oil is currently not available for purchase separately, but will probably cost over 20 Dollar in the future. According to Athletic Greens, one bottle is enough for a whole year and optimizes the effect of Athletic Greens Shake again enormously, because many active ingredients can be absorbed especially in combination with an oil. And we don't need to talk about the general benefits of vitamin D2 and K2 here! Athletic Greens has dosed these active ingredients so that they fit optimally to the daily Greens Shake. Here's how to get to the short-term free promotion page: athletic greens offer*advertising Quickly strike, because the action as I said was very limited in time. Unfortunately, I do not know exactly until how much clock the action still goes and can here also no countdown or so. So if you still see the action, better use directly. We have just ordered for us already 🙂

Some of the tips presented here are unfortunately no longer valid worldwide, so that the prices shown are maybe not correct anymore. But the links go to alternative Athletic Greens landing pages with actual hidden promos. Always guaranteed with the best price-performance ratio!