Athletic Greens 20 free travel packs ?? But where?

If you search for Athletic Greens on Google, you often get the popular search query Athletic Greens 20 free travel packs. Since Google suggests this search, it shows that a lot of users are searching for exactly that on Google.
athletic greens 20 free travel packs

Where are the free Athletic Greens Travel Packs?

No wonder that so many users are looking for it, because 20 Travelpacks correspond to a value of $79! No wonder that you like to get them for free. But how do you get these free bags?

There is a simple reason why so many people search Google for the free Athletic Greens Travelpacks:

Until August 2020 Athletic Greens has added on a secret order page on a secret order page *Advertising 20 Travelpacks worth a total of $79 free of charge to every first order.

The promotion spread very quickly and was very well-received by users. However, it is understandable that this promotion could only be offered for a limited period of time, as Athletic Greens has made a minus business with it. Who likes to give away travel packs with greens worth $79 for an order of $77? 😉

Worldwide really no more free travel packs?

We talked to the makers of Athletic Greens (by the way, a really extremely likeable team). They confirmed that since August 2020 there are no more 20 Travelpacks “for free” worldwide.

New secret landing page with Athletic Greens travel packs for free discovered!

Here comes the great news! In order to continue to give new customers a special incentive, Athletic Greens has provisionally set a new secret landing page for the month January 2021, on which there are no longer 20 Travel Packs, but another practical gift has been added (besides the popular Athletic Greens packs). On this secret landing page*advertising you get in January 2021 :

  • 5 Athletic Greens Travel-Packs are free with every order. This corresponds to a value of just $17.
  • In addition, every first-time orderer will receive a “strong” Athletic-Greens Bottle as a gift with his order.

We ourselves are already in possession of this Athletic Greens Bottle and can really recommend it!

New secret page probably only for a limited time!

As great as we think the Athletic Greens Team and the Athletic Greens Shake are, they always decide spontaneously on the great special offers. Therefore, we can't say how long the above mentioned promotion is still valid.

That is why this promotion is only valid as long as the stock of free travel packs and shakers lasts…*advertising

Conclusion: Athletic Greens 5 free travel packs

Today, events are coming thick and fast!!! Athletic Greens gives our readers via the following page*advertising for free with any order:
  • one shaker
  • one ceramic jar & a ceramic Spoon
  • one bottle of vitamin D3 K2 (value approx $ 25)
  • 5 travel packs (value approx $ 25)
The Vitamin D3-K2 oil is currently not available for purchase separately, but will probably cost over 20 Dollar in the future. According to Athletic Greens, one bottle is enough for a whole year and optimizes the effect of Athletic Greens Shake again enormously, because many active ingredients can be absorbed especially in combination with an oil. And we don't need to talk about the general benefits of vitamin D2 and K2 here! Athletic Greens has dosed these active ingredients so that they fit optimally to the daily Greens Shake. Here's how to get to the short-term free promotion page: athletic greens offer*advertising Quickly strike, because the action as I said was very limited in time. Unfortunately, I do not know exactly until how much clock the action still goes and can here also no countdown or so. So if you still see the action, better use directly. We have just ordered for us already 🙂

Some of the tips presented here are unfortunately no longer valid worldwide, so that the prices shown are maybe not correct anymore. But the links go to alternative Athletic Greens landing pages with actual hidden promos. Always guaranteed with the best price-performance ratio!