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Superfood Green shakes in comparison

Thanks to various Green-Shakes and Superfoods it has never been so easy to eat healthy food. At the same time the choice is getting harder and harder, because there are always new suppliers on the market and the prices for different powders, tablets, ready-made fridge shakes and smoothies vary between $ 2-120. How can you make a reasonable choice? That's what we are here for 🙂

On this page we will go into the individual shakes and smoothies, test the different greens powders and supplements on the market and explain to you exactly which green shake is the best for you at the moment. In our Greens-Shake Best List you will find the (in our opinion) best supplements that are currently available on the market. With these you can't go wrong.

Loser: You can skip this refrigerator green shakes!

In advance, we can already announce the biggest loser from all tests: Any kind of smoothie or shake you can find in the refrigerator around the corner is a waste of money! The first ingredient is either water or apple juice. The remaining ingredients are then unfortunately only stored in homeopathic quantities. A price of $2-4 per shake does not justify this in any case. So please hands off from these small bottles in the cooling shelf of your supermarket!

Why should you use a Superfood Greens Supplement?

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Greens Shake Top 2

In this list we have concentrated on our two favourite greens powders currently available on the European market. Make your choice.

Top 2 Green Shakes

Athletic Greens*advertisingAmazing Grass*advertising
Ingredients75 ingredients:
- Vitamins, minerals and ingredients from wholefood!
9 ingredients:
- But also sweeteners
time for preparation27 secondsless than 1 minute
tasteYummy! Sweet and not artificial! A little bitter and dull. But beside the original powder they offer different flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. But than it is no real green powder, right?
calories per servingonly 40 calories!only 30 calories!
(What's Wrong)
- no proteins
- Omega 3 missing
- Bitter taste
- Omega 3 missing
- significantly fewer ingredients
- Sweeteners contained
- Shipping only in United States and Great Britain
Pro+ taste
+ price-performance ratio
+ By far the most ingredients
+ Price
+ Greens comes from small farms across America
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  • one shaker

  • one ceramic jar & a ceramic Spoon

  • one bottle of vitamin D3 K2 (value approx $ 20)

  • 5 travel packs (value approx $ 17)

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Money back guarantee60 days (even if the package is opened or empty)? Could not find a money-back guarantee, so we assume the usual 14-day money-back guarantee, provided the product has not been opened.
price per package$77
enough for 35 shakes
$ 29.99
enough for 30 shakes
price per shake$2.20

without the discount....
$ 1.00
Shipping costs:noneFree Shipping on orders over $59.99 (Excludes Hawaii and Alaska)
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Green-Shake recipes

Of course, you can also find some greenshake recipes on our site, with which you can prepare your own personal shake every morning. This may take a little longer and is a little more expensive than if you decide to use a shake supplement. But of course you can use your individual preferences as an ingredient in the shake and use regional ingredients and superfood. Here are some tasty and healthy Athletic Greens recipes